is a multi-faceted transportation company established in the State of Pennsylvania and having its principal place of business.

 Among its many services, DISCOVERY TOURWAYS has established itself as a quality transportation service in two primary areas; commuter and charter operation of multi-service vehicles for the general public (i.e., churches, tour sponsors, educational institutions).

By providing professional transportation services, the company will be successful in transporting commuters between the Pocono’s and New York City on a daily basis stated purpose will be to provide convenient and efficient transportation to serve the general public and to operate as a common carrier by motor vehicle in inter-state and intra-state commerce, over irregular routes, transporting passengers in charter and special operations between points in the United States.

As a special feature, DISCOVERY TOURWAYS focus is on the growing need for affordable and reliable transportation in the Pocono’s. Because of our commitment to provide quality service within the needed areas, the company is striving to maintain and establish steady relationships with the expanding passenger clientele, both as individuals and as groups.

 Our Mission
To become the industry's premier bus charter, commuter,and tours operator in the North East.
To cater to, and position ourselves as a complete resource company,providing quality service.
DISCOVERY TOURWAYS is dedicated to making your group or commuter trip the best it can be. We will go the extra mile for your satisfaction.


 Our Objectives
To provide safe, professional, and courteous drivers.
To provide dependable, reliable, and on time service to the chartering (parties) groups and to our commuters.
To provide affordable transportation to our commuters and charter groups.
To provide a quality bus company that understands the needs of our consumers while providing a great service.